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A Darling Donut-Themed Boy’s Birthday Party

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  1. Love this donut themed party? Get the look with these items:
  2. Plus, get more sweet inspiration with these party ideas:
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Children (and adults!) certainly love donuts, which makes the idea of this donut-themed boy’s birthday party seem like a delicious bite of heaven!

Lauren Haddox, of Lauren Haddox Designs, helped make a three-year-old boy’s donut party a sweet treat for all who attended.

Using Lauren’s printable decorations, the party’s theme featured “Lane’s Donut Shop”. Thanks to flag banners and a colorful palette of green and white mixed with brown polka dots, this party had perfect vintage flair.

A cute sign welcomed guests to “Lane’s Donut Shop” and advertised the “best donuts in town”. After looking at this party, it’s easy to see why this was a hit!


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The party was arranged like a miniature bakery and set up with an assortment of favorite donut types from Mary Lee Donuts.

Glazed, cinnamon twists, apple fritters, and donuts with chocolate sprinkles were on hand, and of course, there were plenty of powdered sugar donuts as well, with signs designating each option.


Brown and white striped straws in drinking glasses were perfect for the cold milk on “tap” for the guests. Each child received a white apron and personalized paper hat just like a vintage baker would wear.

Chocolate miniature “donut” cookies awaited each guest on their glasses; colorful wrappers adorned bottles of water. Starbucks’ Frappucinos on ice made the parents happy!

The cake from Ambrosia Bakery was a beautiful mint green and naturally, featured a donut topper!


Brown and green cupcakes stood out on the donut stand and the brown “takeout” boxes from “Lane’s Donut Shop” actually held the party favors.


Bright green tissue paper flowers added the perfect pops of color in the vintage motif; cheery green buckets advertised the “donut shop” and offered good wishes for the birthday boy.

This party certainly lived up to its name, and incorporated donuts in all the decorations and activities.


The donut stand even included a “decorate a cookie” station with donut-shaped cookies and bowls of sprinkles for the guests to make their own creations.

Hand-made felt donuts were used in a “donut toss” game and children could try to eat a donut on a string!

Personalized coloring sheets for the party used a rainbow of colors with donut-shaped crayons. Each activity was a clever donut twist on old favorites.

With an adorable party theme and delicious treats, this donut party is any child’s sweet dream!

Love this donut themed party? Get the look with these items:

Plus, get more sweet inspiration with these party ideas:

Don’t miss out on this If You Give A Dog A Donut Birthday Party

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