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A Colorful Bug Birthday Party

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Beetles and spiders and flies, oh my! Two adorable little friends literally bugged out together for their 5th birthday. Moms Vivian Kerr (Kerr Kreations) and Lisa Saunders planned this bug birthday party to celebrate the love their sons share for the outdoors and bugs. What a great way for energetic kids to party harty. We are pretty confident their picnic-inspired decorations, bug-themed cupcakes, treats, and creative party activities will have you “buggin out” without ever having to reach for the bug spray.

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After putting out feelers for online inspiration, Vivian came across the graphic design work of Bird’s Party and immediately knew Bird could create the look she and Lisa had in mind for the buggy bash. Bird designed an adorable bug-themed invitation and coordinating printables for the event, which kicked the cute factor up a notch.

Upon arrival, guests were transported into the colorful world of bugs. Outfitted in hand-sewn bug explorer vests (Vivian) and pith hats and armed with bug collecting pails, guests became official bug explorers. A beautiful picnic-inspired food table was set up, which included colorful party printables and stylish outdoor picnic elements.

We love how the checkered table cloth paired with the picnic baskets and other hand-crafted backdrop scenery to achieve a striking dessert display. Combined with specially chosen bug-themed food, this area was all a-buzz with busy kids swooping in for snacks and treats. They settled on Creepy Corn Dog Centipedes from Beth, of Hungry Happenings, Banana Caterpillars found at Little Page Turners, and Sandwich Snails from Itsy Belle Studio. A few of their own additions included “Caterpillar Cheese Puffs”, “Butterfly Pasta Salad”, “Frog Eyes”, and “Bug Juice”. Items were served on wood rounds, grass-colored, paper-covered boxes, and simple white platters. Not only did the food offerings have clever bug-inspired names, but they looked bug-like too. We adore the framed printable signs which helped young explorers identify each menu item.

Keeping a swarm of five-year-old’s entertained definitely required the organizational skills of two queen bees. Vivian and Lisa planned a series of fun bug-centric stations for little explorers to rotate through. First was a bean bag toss game which they made by covering cans with coordinating paper from the printable collection. Explorers each had a turn to knock down as many “bugs” as they could to win prizes for their bug favor collections.

Next, the kids rotated to a craft station where they made their own butterfly snack. Inspired by these adorable butterfly snacks from Juggling with Kids, Vivian and Lisa helped guests make an edible craft using basic craft supplies and colorful candies. The third station was a “critters” memory game. Kids at this age love testing their memories. Bird made up a coordinating, printable, bug-themed memory game the boys enjoyed playing. Nathan and Logan’s moms included a copy for each child in the take-home favors too.

Finally, the much anticipated “bug hunt” was the last station. What would a bug party be without a bug hunt? These bug explorers did not want to find out. The boys loved scrambling through the backyard searching for eggs containing toy bugs they could take home. After finding all of their allotted bugs, each explorer received the final elements of their explorer kits — personalized water bottles and their very own bug vacuum!

The celebration ended on a high, as guests belted out “Happy Birthday” to their friends while enjoying buggy cupcakes and ice cream. One of our favorite details from the whole party was the cupcakes displayed in cute silicone terra cotta pots. A little green-tinted coconut grass, a plastic bug, and a cute printable logo, and these cupcakes were a hit! This bug-tastic party was an incredible celebration for two best buddies and guests were left flying high!

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