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A British Royal Birthday Party

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Table of Contents
  1. Planning a royal boy's birthday party? Get these supplies, sourced by the Spaceships and Laser Beams team.
  2. Check out more ideas fit for kings to celebrate a boy's birthday party.
  3. Plus, don't miss out on this British Birthday Bash...

Do you have a little prince of a guy to celebrate? Party in style using these wonderful ideas for a boy’s British royal birthday from Carol Colon of Partylicious!

With British flag colors and plenty of themed memorabilia from across the pond, Carol created an engaging party with an adorable cake and an abundant dessert table for Francisco’s first birthday.

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The red, blue and white party décor looks absolutely fantastic, but Carol’s attention to detail is what made it come alive.

The blue backdrop and red-and-white striped table is reminiscent of Great Britain’s flag and the nearby favor table was disguised as an iconic red, double-decker London bus — what fun!

The suggestion of a colorful telephone booth added to the scene, too.

Balloons always contribute a celebratory note, but Carol took the balloons a step further by having GloboArte create a lamp post and a larger-than-life British guard to watch over the main table.

The quintessential little London guard was the inspiration for the cake topper and he also appeared on the dessert table banner and the water bottle labels (Did you notice the straws with stars? Super cute!).

All desserts and candy were labeled with stationery so guests could decide which delicacies to try.

The dessert table carried everything to satisfy a sweet tooth: mini trifles, lemon cookie biscuits, French macarons, red, white and blue striped Jello cups, cupcakes, cake pops, sugar cookies and candies.

The cupcake topper images, cake-pops and cookies coordinated perfectly.

Attaching spoons to the dessert cups with washi tape or even popping a spoon right into the dessert cup is a thoughtful touch to save guests from searching for utensils.

Carol found a selection of tea tins to coordinate with the theme and used them for serving candy and for table centerpieces.

Each table held unique arrangements that featured flowers, picture frames, and boxes or tins to carry the celebratory vibe throughout the party zone.

An abundant dessert table and a charming venue thoughtfully prepared would surely make any birthday boy and his guests feel like royalty!

Planning a royal boy’s birthday party? Get these supplies, sourced by the Spaceships and Laser Beams team.

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  • Red & White Star Paper Straws
  • Phone Booth Image
  • Red Mini Suitcases
  • Apothecary Jars
  • Great Britain Assorted Cutlery
  • Union Jack Flag Cocktail Sticks
  • United Kingdom Great Britain Flag
  • Patriotic Balloons
  • Standard Baking Cups
  • Red White And Blue Jimmies
  • Edible Cupcake Decorating Kit
  • Big Ben Clock Tower Cardboard Stand-Up
  • Union Jack Flag Foil Balloon
  • Red and Blue Striped Paper Straws
  • Stripe Red White Fabric By the Yard
  • Blue Swirl Pops
  • Royal Guard Custom Building
  • Crown Cookie Cutter
  • Treat Boxes
  • Blue & Red Salad Plates
  • Blue Square Plastic Plates
  • Great Britain Union Jack Hanging Fan Decorations
  • Great Britain Union Jack Hanging Flag Swirls
  • Great Britain Union Jack Lantern Garland
  • Great Britain Cup Cake Decorating
  • Great Britain Union Jack Swirl Decorations
  • Britain Union Jack Storage Tins

Check out more ideas fit for kings to celebrate a boy’s birthday party.

Plus, don’t miss out on this British Birthday Bash

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Proudly Prepared by the Spaceships Kitchen

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