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A Boy’s Mario Kart Birthday Party

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  1. Plan a Mario Kart birthday party with these party supplies:
  2. More car themed birthday party ideas:
  3. For more inspiration, check out these Mario party ideas...

Guests were transformed into the world of Mario Kart with this boy’s Mario Kart Birthday Party!

When Cassius asked for a Mario Kart themed birthday party (see the greatest Mario party ideas here), his parents, who are also the owners of Playmaker U and MudPie Parties, agreed. BUT they wanted to make sure three things: first, party guests had to be active;  second, there had to be imaginative play; third, the design had to include lots of color.

Mario lovers will be thrilled with the incredible details mom Melissa Peterson shares, showcasing how all of the party games, party supplies, decorations, birthday cake and party food came together to create one memorable Mario Kart birthday extravaganza!

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Kudos to Jesse Kushneryk for photographing all of the action-packed details.

One of Melissa’s primary goals was to transport the party goers into the game world of Mario Kart. How do you accomplish such a feat? Melissa dreamed of adding kid-sized cars, a photo booth and hats for dressing up.

She chose a color scheme of yellow and red paired with the checkerboard pattern, reminiscent of game play.

Melissa turned to graphic designers Anders Ruff Custom Designs for her printable design needs. They customized their vintage race car collection, updating the color way to match her requirements. (See it used here in another great party.)

Party printables are a fab way to pack a punch at a party and tie colors and a theme together and look great when combined with branded Mario Kart party supplies <- Amazon affiliate link.

To decorate, Melissa used 36″ round balloons to frame the room perimeter. More balloons added festive color to the entrance and refreshment tables. Balloons are a great and inexpensive party decoration, especially useful when you are transforming a large space.

This Mario AirWalker balloon <- Amazon affiliate link would look fantastic in the mix.

Throughout the training area, Melissa placed kid-sized Mario Kart images she made by mounting printed designs on plastic boards.

Guests were greeted at the entrance table with a large chalkboard poster detailing fun facts about Cassius. This table also doubled as a trophy/favor station.

Adorable Mario Kart themed gift bags were on display for the duration of the party. Did you notice the cute custom “Trophy Station” signage?

While waiting for other guests, early arrivals were encouraged to pop by the “Pit Stop”. Kids could choose from an assortment of Mario character hats (Luigi, Mario, Princess Peach or Yoshi) to dress the part.

In addition, little racers could decorate a Melissa and Doug race car kit or play in the 30 ft. obstacle course bouncy castle.

Melissa put a great deal of thought into the party menu. She narrowed choices to food that was easily manipulated, likely to be eaten and coordinated with the theme.

I love the healthy, clever options she served:

  • Star-shaped sunflower butter and jelly sandwiches in red and white striped popcorn style boxes
  • Turkey sandwiches on a stick
  • Vegetable crudité in individual cups, with and without dip
  • Fresh raspberry and blueberry filled Mario Kart push-up pops <- Amazon affiliate link

At the darling beverage station guests could choose milk, water or fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade. Vintage style milk bottles were dressed for the party with twine and character label embellishments.

Water bottles had custom printable refuel race car wraps. In addition, mason jars with colorful paper straws and star lids could be used for a “fill ‘er up”.

The dining table looked like a full-on speedway! A roadway was created from a black table runner and white duct tape strips. A large car was mounted to a checkered, print covered, Styrofoam block.

This made an attractive centerpiece.

Each place setting included “wheel” inspired plates, napkins with darling party logos, wooden cutlery and decked out beverage bottles.

My favorite part of the set-up was the dessert table. I love seeing the unique ways stylists display their treats;  Melissa did not disappoint. Using the colorful vintage race car birthday banner as a backdrop, the table was set to impress!

Many darling Mario Kart details can be seen atop a checked fabric table runner.

The crowning glory of the table was the amazing cake by Over the Top Cakes. The fondant Mario looks like he is ready to drive right off the cake! All of the fondant details are striking.

Cupcakes and cookies feature some of Cassius’ favorite characters!

The dessert table was rounded off with cake pops that are the spitting image of characters from the Mario Kart game: wow!

I love the DIY display cake pop stand made from Styrofoam wrapped in brick paper.

Michelle also served ice cream in mason jars.

To achieve the active element goal, an incredible race car driver training academy was created. Even as an adult, this sounds fun! Race cars and bikes were built ahead of time that the kids could use in their training.

Although time consuming, Melissa said this was the highlight of the party for her. They created 14 cars and bikes from duct tape, paper mache, spray-paint, cardboard and various Mario Kart logos and numbers on label paper. Talk about DIY champs!

Three separate training stations focused on agility, defensive driving and a grand prix race. As training concluded, each child was presented with an official Mario Kart racer’s license.

Because Melissa is all about the details, she prepped each license ahead of time in Photoshop with pictures she obtained from parents. They looked awesome!

Imaginative play, another of Melissa’s party requirements, was achieved when guests mingled with costumed characters, Mario, Princess Peach and Yoshi. Melissa created a wonderful photo backdrop where racers could pose for pictures with their favorites.

This party had it all — colorful décor, fabulous game inspired eats and treats, fun games and activities and amazing favors! I bet little racers were not too eager to race out of there! What a celebration!

Plan a Mario Kart birthday party with these party supplies:

(Amazon Affiliate Links)

  • Mario Kart Cars Pull – Backs
  • Mario Kart Favor Boxes
  • Mario Kart Giant Wall Decals
  • Mario Bottle Tumbler
  • Striped Straws
  • Bright Yellow Favor Bags
  • Red and White Striped Popcorn Boxes

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