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A Boy’s Knights and Dragons Birthday Party

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  1. Throw your own knights and dragons birthday party with these party supplies:
  2. More knights and dragons ideas:
  3. Don't miss out on these 23 Magical Knights and Dragons Party Ideas...

Little boys sure love their heroes! According to little birthday boy Gavin, nothing is more exciting than the original heroes — brave knights in shining armor — battling fierce (or not so fierce) dragons.

Fortunately for him, his mom is Fair Lady Lindsay, of Parties by Paris, and she designed a Knights and Dragons themed birthday party full of gallant knights and dozens of dragons (the not so fierce kind). Classic castles, shields, and crests feature in the decorations, with exciting party games, perfect party favors, and an adorable dragon birthday cake.

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Charge ahead to read about all the event details and see the photos by Stephen Salazar Photography.

Lindsey and her husband created gorgeous “royal scroll” party invitations by utilizing free downloadable clip art and printing onto faux distressed legal sized paper.

They rolled the invitations into scrolls, then singed the edges over a candle flame to give them an authentic look. The extras made great party décor.

Guests were welcomed with an official-looking coat of arms and a royal proclamation nailed to a tree.

The display of balloons is a colorful way to introduce guests to the tournament field. Use golf tees to secure helium balloon strings to the lawn.

All visiting knights received a helmet, an inflatable sword, a shield, and a goblet. Neither thirst nor dragon flame could lay waste to the fun to be had during pretend play!

Lindsey set up a movie viewing area, and crafted a sandwich board sign advertising the movie by printing out legal-sized posters downloaded from the internet and pasting them onto a poster-sized foam core board.

She added to the theme with a rug and toys right out of Gavin’s room. Decorating with your child’s toys is not just a budget-friendly party planning idea, it really makes sense: there are no leftover decorations to get rid of or store after the party is over.

Fantastic themed menu ideas included “dragon dogs” (hot dogs in crescent rolls), “dragon scales” (assorted chips), “dragon eggs” (metallic plastic eggs filled with candy), and “dragon wings” (chicken wings).

Adults were served “dragon juice” (fruit juice mixed with wine) in their larger goblets. Menu card tents were made with a free downloadable “knight font” and dragon stickers.

Guests took home their goblets, dragon eggs, and precious jewels in small, brightly colored totes printed with knights and dragons.

No party is complete without a cake, and this dragon cake is the perfect “not-so-fierce” dragon party treat! The theme-colored shield cupcake toppers add just the right touch.

For a larger-than-life hero from the days of yore or a pint-sized hero in the here-and-now, this knights and dragons boy’s birthday party is full of great ideas for planning your next celebration. 

Throw your own knights and dragons birthday party with these party supplies:

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  • Knight Masks
  • Brave Knights Cupcake Kit
  • Window & Torch Props
  • Royal Trumpet Banner Cutouts
  • Brave Knights Party Bags
  • Child Knight Helmet
  • Inflatable Sword & Shield Set
  • Jeweled Crown
  • Brave Knights Centerpiece
  • Suit of Armor Cutout
  • Knight Costume Role Play Set
  • Castle Shaped Favor Boxes
  • Inflatable Dragon
  • Jeweled Gold Goblets

More knights and dragons ideas:

Don’t miss out on these 23 Magical Knights and Dragons Party Ideas

A bunch of different types of cake

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