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8 Duct Tape Craft Ideas

Table of Contents
  1. 1. Stars & Stripes Duct Tape Lawn Chair
  2. 2. DIY No Sew Zippered Pouch
  3. 3. Duct Tape Party Decor
  4. 4. No Sew Duct Tape Robot Apron
  5. 5. Duct Tape Phone Cases
  6. 6. DIY Artwork Portfolio
  7. 7. Duct Tape Robot
  8. 8. Duct Tape Patio Pillow
  9. Keep kids busy this summer with these great craft ideas:
  10. Check out more great craft ideas kids will love:
  11. Plus, don't miss 12 Awesome Indoor Activities For Kids:

Looking for a fun craft idea? Look no further.

These amazing projects featuring duct tape are sure to inspire. I am totally impressed by the Stars & Stripes lawn chair and the patio pillow.

You’ll be party ready in no time with the party decor ideas and I’m certain the zippered pouch, artwork portfolio, robot and phone case will be big hits with the kids.

The robot themed apron is perfect for protecting your mad scientist’s clothes as they work on projects.

Which idea will be your favorite?


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Stars & Stripes Duct Tape Lawn Chair

1. Stars & Stripes Duct Tape Lawn Chair

From Instructables

Fix up your old lawn chairs with this awesome DIY duct tape lawn chair project.

Decorated in patriotic colors with stars and stripes, it’s the perfect project to finish before the fourth of July.

Follow four simple steps in this easy tutorial to create your own. Switch up the colors and patterns of duct tape to create comfortable and fun lawn chairs for every occasion.

DIY No Sew Zippered Pouch

2. DIY No Sew Zippered Pouch

From Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Zippered pouches always come in handy for odds and ends or toys while travelling.

This DIY version is made with duct tape and completely no-sew. A zipper, roll of duct tape, and pair of scissors are all you need to make one of these personalized zippered pouches yourself.

The tutorial is for a 6 by 9 inch pouch, but you can easily make any size using a different sized zipper.

Duct Tape Party Decor Ideas

3. Duct Tape Party Decor

From Pen & Paper Flowers

With all of the wildly fun duct tape colors and patterns on the market right now, the options are endless when it comes to home décor.

From mini bunting banners to tissue roll party favors, this Halloween party was decked out with all sorts of ideas that could be used year-round.

The best part is that duct tape is totally weather proof, so you can use many of these decorations outdoors too.

No Sew Duct Tape Robot Apron

4. No Sew Duct Tape Robot Apron

From Instructables

Make this handy vinyl apron with absolutely no sewing involved.

Once again, colorful duct tape is the hero of this do it yourself story. This project is super fun and easy to recreate, also making it a great project to get the kids involved with.

They will love wearing the aprons that they made and designed with their own two hands.

Duct Tape Phone Cases

5. Duct Tape Phone Cases

From Instructables

Inspired by the popular no-sew duct tape wallet that took the world by storm, this No-Sew Duct Tape iPhone Case is the next best duct tape accessory.

Of course, you can modify this style to fit any phone or use it for other electronics to you carry in your purse.

Customize this phone case by using a fun patterned fabric and your favorite colors of duct tape.

DIY Artwork Portfolio

6. DIY Artwork Portfolio

From Modern Parents Messy Kids

We create so many pieces of original art at our house, so I am always on the lookout for creative new ways to save it.

These duct tape art portfolios are the perfect solution! You just need a few pieces of poster board and a roll of duct tape to make them yourself, plus a few creative touches from your kids to make them their own.

Storing them is simple too because they simply slide behind any desk or closet.

Duct Tape Robot

7. Duct Tape Robot

From Crafts by Amanda

Kids love getting creative and the perfect starting point for any creative project is always a cardboard box.

Transform your recycled boxes, tin cans, and cardboard tubes into a fun duct tape covered robot with these simple instructions and some creative touches.

Let your kids’ imaginations run wild, adding bottle cap buttons, coat hanger antenna, and more.

Duct Tape Pillow

8. Duct Tape Patio Pillow

From Instructables

Cozy up your patio furniture or picnic blanket with these quilt inspired and weather proof pillows.

This project is super quick, inexpensive to make, and provides an attractive alternative to the standard and boring outdoor décor.

The brilliant tutorial uses a freezer bag filled with packing peanuts as the main part of the pillow and is easily customized with different colors and patterns.

Keep kids busy this summer with these great craft ideas:

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Check out more great craft ideas kids will love:

Plus, don’t miss 12 Awesome Indoor Activities For Kids:

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