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Superhero Birthday Party Photo Booth

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Earlier this week, I featured a fun superhero birthday party. One of my favorite ideas from it was the awesome themed photo booth that they had set up to capture family and friends. They used a telephone booth made from a large fridge box as well as several awesome props like barbells and signs — and then let their guests have fun. The photos were adorable and so I thought I would do a follow up post to source some items you could use to make your own!

Here are some 7 great props we’ve sourced to help you create your own superhero photo booth:

1. Are these Fake Barbells perfect or what? I LOVE that they are inflatable.

2. This trio of Wham Bang Pow Metal Signs would be super cool and could be used as artwork after the party.

3. This Little Adventures Hero Mask is a great option for a prop.

4. You can also gt the matching Little Adventures Super Hero Cape.

5. This Cityscape Backdrop is AWESOME and would be so perfect hung in the background.

6. You could also hang our superhero themed “Happy Birthday” banner in the backdrop just like she has the pennant.

7. These Hulk Smash Hands would be a fun prop — and then cool addition to the toy box after the party (if you dare).

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What props would you put in a superhero photo booth?

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