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43 of the Best Boy Baby Shower Games and Activities

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You’re hosting a boy baby shower; you’ve sent the invitations; you feel good about your theme and the decorations; you’ve got food ideas covered—but what can you do to generate conversation and laughter when the cupcakes are gone? Play games! We have a list of some of the best baby games, some are classics and a few are newbies. There’s also been a trend of ladies crafting items right at the shower so we’ve included a few ideas for that, too!

boy baby shower games and activities

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Boy Baby Shower Game and Activity Ideas

  1. From Spaceships and Laser Beams: 4 Baby Shower Games with a Roll of Toilet Paper — Find four great ideas that guests will love from something everyone has on hand!
  2. From CRAFT: Six Fun Baby Shower Games – Who’s Who, Who Did It, Mad Libs, Mom-to-Be Cards, Photo Booth and Baby Bingo; check this site for directions if you’re not familiar with these games. They also offer a couple of free printables.
  3. From U Create: Sign the Onesie – Instead of a guest book, guests sign the front of an already embellished onesie.
  4. Photo Booth: An extension of selfies, but using silly props.
  5. How Many? Use diaper pins, colored buttons or jelly beans. Put them in a clear, glass jar or baby bottle. Guests write down how many they think are in the container; the closest guess wins.
  6. Just Like Grandma: Collect pictures of relatives on both sides of the family. Include great-greats, aunts/uncles and cousins, too. Guests write down if they are related to mom or dad-to-be. The most correct answers means you win.
  7. Blindfolded Diaper Change: Tie a blindfold over the guest’s eyes; give them a diaper and a life-size baby doll.
  8. Trash Can Toss: Tuck bean bags or something similar inside three diapers to give them a bit of weight. The blindfolded guest (it’s dark in the middle of the night!) must toss them into the trashcan which is several feet away.
  9. What’s In Your Purse? The Caller speaks out a list of items. Common items (lip gloss, brush, etc.) receive a point. More unusual items (hot wheel car, orthodontic rubber bands, etc.) have greater value. Highest points win.
  10. Price is Right: On a list of baby items (diapers, wipes, pacifier, etc.), each guest writes what they cost. Score: guest with the most correct answers wins.
  11. Baby Food Guess: Line up jars of baby food, sans labels; guests must taste each jar and write down what they tasted. Be sure to have enough spoons so each guest only puts a fresh one in each jar.
  12. Baby Alphabet: Name a baby item that begins with each letter of the alphabet.
  13. Baby Word Scramble: Make a list of words connected with babies, but scramble the letter order. Guests must decipher each word.
  14. Celebrity Baby: Guests look at pictures of celebrities’ children and guess who their parents are.
  15. Baby Stats Predictions: No real game winners at the party; just a fun ice breaker. Guests predict boy/girl, weight, length, time born, etc., OR guests simply write their name on the calendar day on which they think the baby will be born.
  16. Don’t Say That: Decide on a trio of words that cannot be spoken throughout the shower (mama, bib, feeding, for example). Each guest receives a token when they arrive at the party, such as a bead identification bracelet like baby wears at the hospital. Whoever uses the taboo words in conversation must give up their bracelet to the person who caught them. At the end of the party, the person with the most bracelets wins.
  17. Baby Bingo: Each guest receives a card with names of baby items. As mama-to-be opens a gift, the guests fill in their cards. Whoever fills in an entire row first, wins.
  18. Mad Libs: The caller has a paragraph which tells of something about new mama and baby, but some words have been omitted. The story line is not hinted at or revealed. Each guest is told to write a predetermined amount of verbs, nouns and adjectives. Then the guest is given the mad lib sheet with missing word blanks which they fill in with the words they’re written. As their paragraphs are read aloud, (hopefully) much laughter ensues at the silly stories they’ve each “written”.
  19. Who’s Who? Collect pictures of each of the guests before the party or have them bring their pictures to the party. Guests must determine who’s who?
  20. Who Did It? Talk to the grandparents-to-be before the party; find out what mom and dad did by a certain age (for example, walked at eight months, learned to read by age three, etc.). Guests must guess who did what.
  21. Advice/Wishes Cards: Guests pen advice and best wishes to the new parents and baby. Share what was written.
  22. Time Capsule: Guests pen wishes and predictions of what the new baby will grow to be. The notes are sealed and not read until the 18th birthday. An alternate version is each guest chooses a number from 1-18 (or however many guests there are). Whatever number they choose represents that future birthday for the baby. The guests write a birthday greeting and wish for the child to open on that birthday.
  23. Who Knows Mommy Best? Write a list of features (such as eyes, hair, hands, etc.) and have two columns: Mom, Dad. Guests write if they think mom wants baby to have the traits of mom…or dad.


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Crafting Ideas for a Boy Baby Shower

  1. Fun gifts for baby-to-be…made by you and your guests! For crafting success, be sure to get familiar with the products and materials you’ll be using BEFORE the event! A roomful of ladies waiting for instructions you don’t know how to give is awkward for everyone. Have pictures or examples of finished projects for inspiration. Be sure to have enough products for everyone to participate, too. Because not everyone is comfortable with crafting, sometimes asking guests to work in pairs is beneficial.
  2. Guest Tree: Guests sign in on a frameable picture of a bare tree by placing a thumbprint on a tree branch and signing their name under their print.
  3. Diaper Art: Each guest writes advice, silly or sage, on the outside of a disposable diaper. When new mom is up in the middle of the night changing diapers (again!), she has something to grin about.
  4. Onesies and Bibs: Decorate with fabric paint, fabric pens or fabric. Techniques vary with the medium used. Display the finished pieces on a ribbon clothesline during the rest of the party.
  5. Quilt squares: Squares can be sent with the invitations so guests can bring their finished pieces to the shower. Be sure to give instructions if this is to be sewn, embroidered or drawn on. Alternately, guests can decorate squares at the shower, using fabric pens or paint. Of course this only works if there is someone willing to piece the squares into a pillow or baby-sized quilt after the shower!
  6. Wood/cardboard letters or Wood Blocks: More surfaces waiting for guest embellishment! Blocks can become nursery decorations or toys. Use letters to spell out a favorite quote on baby’s wall.

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