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Easy Kid’s Party Food: Strawberry Mice Appetizer

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There are many, many wonderful sweet treat ideas for kids’ party dessert tables. Although I don’t object to Sam enjoying birthday cake and some of those sugary confections at a party, I am always glad when there are healthy options offered, too. At home we focus on balanced eating, with only occasional sugary desserts. I’ve found that Sam actually prefers the non-sugar options. I think most of us end up with an appetite for what we focus on, so I’m always looking for ways to make those healthier options party worthy. I came up with this little mouse and cheese idea and Sam was delighted and ready to play cat and mouse. He was the winning top cat, of course!

kid's party food strawberry mice with cheese

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kid's party food healthy strawberry mice

Are you looking for a luscious healthy food option for your child’s next party? A tray full of these little mice looks darling! They don’t have to tie in with a specific party theme to show up on the table, but I always like to connect food options with the theme whenever possible. These little mice would especially tie in well with these party ideas: farm, woodland, nursery rhymes, and Dr. Seuss’ Cat-in-the-Hat.

easy party food strawberry mice

kid's party food healthy strawberry mice appetizer

Ingredients for this healthy strawberry treat:

  • crackers
  • Swiss cheese
  • strawberries
  • mini chocolate chips
  • black licorice whips
  • a package of almond slices
  • small wheels of Gouda cheese.

kid's party food healthy strawberry mice

How to make these darling treats:

  • add a slice of Swiss cheese, with holes, to the top of a cracker
  • rinse off strawberry, cut off leaves and about the bottom 1/3 of the berry
  • add a black licorice whip tail about 2-2 1//2 times the length of the berry
  • add mini chocolate chip eyes and a nose
  • stick two almond slices on top, for ears
  • cut a small wedge from a small round of Gouda cheese
  • arrange the mouse and wedge on the cracker

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What healthy snacks do your kid’s love?

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