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20 Yummy Chocolate Snickers Recipes

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I love baking desserts with chocolate bars in them. It’s such a great party food idea! For instance, you can take a basic recipe and with minimal effort, turn it into something really special just by adding a Snickers bar to the recipe. I’ve posted a few great treats on this site already including a Snickers Almond fruit dip and a Snickers Mug Cake. But there’re so many more on my baking “to do” list, including Snickers brownie bites and cookies as well as a Snickers cheesecake. Now that I have been researching recipe ideas, I’ve found a few more to add to the list, including, Snickers cupcakes, fudge, and even my very own homemade Snickers bars. I’m going to have to start throwing more parties this year so I have more excuses to bake!


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Create your own special dessert treat with these great sources gathered by the crew at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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