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Kid’s Party Activities: Slime Recipes

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Gooey, slippery slime. Kids are fascinated with it…and I’ve heard that some mothers are, too! The first time we made a batch, it ate the finish off my dining room table. That formula is not included here! There are many different recipes to try; some last for months and others are a one-time play activity. Kids of all ages enjoy creating the different textures. In this roundup of 39 recipes, you’ll find edible slime, glow-in-the-dark slime, fluffy slime and magnetic slime. There are slime recipes for a night sky, ocean swirl or star shine. Find snow slime, rainbow slime, and two ingredient slime. Make glitter, sparkle, or polka dot slime. Some use borax but some are borax free. Call it science, call it a sensory experience, call it a kid’s party activity–any way you look at it, you can call it fun!

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