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How to Make DIY Bubbles {Easy}

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Hello again S&LB readers, it’s Suzie from Project: Party Perfect and I’m here to share another Easy DIY that any boy will LOVE! With warmer weather upon us, I’ve been seeing a lot of DIY bubble makers on Pinterest lately, so I had to try it myself…with a boyish twist!

Inspired by my son’s favorite one-eyed green monster, I simply added a goggly eye onto a recycled baby food jar and a drop of green food coloring to the bubble solution. Ta Da!

Bubble Solution

There are different ways to make the solution…I used this one from here.
1 cup water
2 tablespoons light corn syrup (didn’t want to spend money on glycerin)
4 tablespoons dish-washing liquid (I’ve read that Dawn works the best…luckily that’s what I had! )
Drop of food coloring optional (Warning: it will stain, so make sure to blow bubbles outside)

Mix together. It helps to let it sit for a couple of hours.

Bubble Wands

Chenille Craft stems
Have fun creating different shapes!


Want to see more awesome DIY projects from Suzie? Check out this post for monster eggs – they’re another great little favor idea for a party.

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