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15 Unique Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

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However they’’re wrapped, it’’s fun to give (AND get) presents! You can simply pick a roll of paper and go at it, or you can try some of these unique gift wrapping ideas I’’ve found! I’’m in love with the Cozy Sweater DIY, Mini Wreath Wrapping, DIY Christmas Tree Gift Toppers, Reindeer Pom Pom Gift Wrap, and Photo Wrapping Paper. Your presents will be sure to stand out with the Gift Bow Santa, Christmas Wrappings, Washi Tape Gift Wrap, Holly Jolly Reindeer Prints, and the Snowman Clippie. If you’’ve got a little spare time and some DIY determination, try out the DIY Embroidered Gift Paper, Cupcake Liner Gift Toppers, Snowflake Cutout Gift Topper, DIY Polka Dot Paint Wrapping Paper, or Wax Paper Bow. Your gifts will look like pieces of art!


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