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Super Mario Bros Birthday Party

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Hi y’all!! My name is Evey and I blog over at Sweet Song Bird !  I am so incredibly excited to be here and even happier to share this party with you awesome Spaceships and Laser beams readers! I am even more happy to share my son’s birthday party with you from a couple years back.


Isn’t he so handsome? Here he is pictured with his favorite person on this planet, his old sitter. She babysat him from when he was born until about age 5!


I should state that when things go wrong, one must scramble to fix the problem and move on quickly!  This cake was put together less than an hour before the party started since due to the humidity and my miscalculation, the original three tiered, fondant covered cake cracked and broke.  Yeah.  That happened.


I found the templates for the Koopas and Gumbas here but made them out of felt instead of card stock, since I love the texture of felt. I bought gift boxes for 10cents each at a  party store that was going out of business, painted them yellow, then free-handed the question mark on it and filled them with Mario tin characters I bought at my local Five Below store. The stars, bags, and confetti are from the same store as the boxes, and were also marked at 40% off. The backdrop was made of out plain rolls of gift wrap paper and card stock cut to resemble a scene from the video game. 

We played a couple games, including one where all the yellow boxes hanging around the room had to be opened and gifts were discovered in each one.  It was basically one massive real life video game.  


The kids also decorated their own “Boo” balloons with a sharpie.  Here’s mine.

All in all, it was one of my favorite parties ever, and was actually one of the very first ones where I went all out.  I promise you, my photography has vastly improved since this party.  Stay tuned, though, because next month I will be sharing a Dr. Seuss party I just did today!



I leave you with some Yoshi eggs.  Now would be the perfect time to run to the store and buy some plastic Easter eggs.  Just add some white paint and colorful polka dots and you have yourself Yoshi eggs!  Thanks again to Spaceships and Laserbeams for having me here!  I truly enjoyed it!

Evey, out.


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