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A Boy’s Vintage Farm Party

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When vintage flair meets classic country, a boy’s vintage farm themed party is born! The talented Lori Hutchinson of The Caketress designed a darling boy’s first birthday dessert table for the equally talented Rebecca Wood of Rebecca Wood Photography. Combining Lori’s mad baking skills with Rebecca’s skills behind the camera resulted in a spectacular celebration for Rebecca’s one-year-old son, Emerson.  An array of gorgeous desserts, cool vintage props and bright decorations will have you inspired!

Vintage Farm Party

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I love the look of this party. The juxtaposition of pinwheels, paper chain buntings, vintage crates and baskets on an authentic farm table create a fresh take on a boy’s farm themed party. There’s a lot to capture the eye and the imagination, yet the celebration is not fussy at all. It’s the kind of style that would lead you to think it took almost no effort—but the result contradicts that assumption!

The beautiful selection of desserts included cream puffs, meringues, milk bottle and egg-shaped cookies, and candied apples.  One of Lori’s signature cakes (complete with blue ribbon!), and cupcakes topped with mini flags, were also tempting options. 

For classic caramel corn lovers, bags were filled to the brim with the delicious gooey treat! Each bag was labeled and held closed with mini clothes pins. I love the vintage milk bottle crate used to display them too—such adorable details.

Using apples throughout the styling was a nice tie in to the farm theme.  Apple pattern plates paired with real, juicy apples decked out the tables for dining. Small apples were printed on party flags, making a perfect accent on the striped paper straws included in each red party cup. Adding pinwheel and canning jar centerpieces pulled the decoration style and colors together, plus it gave guests something to play with. Cute and functional—win-win!

Inspired? Round-up a few of your own vintage farm inspired props, desserts and décor, and throw your own adorable vintage farm party!

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