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Dinosaur Themed 3rd Birthday Party

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I’m Digging This Dinosaur Themed Party!

Yes, I know. A pun. I can’t help it — I’m a sleep deprived mother! And it was just right there. Truly, I love how simple this dinosaur themed birthday party is from Elephant Juice. It’s to celebrate her son’s third birthday and it looks like birthday boy, Barrett dug it too! {I know.. I can’t help it.} {Plus, Take a peek at some of our other dinosaur themed birthday party ideas for your little boy!}  

Guests were invited with dinosaurs and a picture of the birthday boy printed on a green and blue invitation. I think the dinosaur tracks on the invitation are too cute! The cake table was decorated with a simple, green tablecloth. Treats went onto bright blue plates. I think the green painted flower pot for the silverware is a great touch! A wooden dinosaur also stands guard at the snack table. A blue and green banner spells out Happy Birthday as well – another nice touch!  

Ideas Even a Dinosaur Can Dig

 I think the custom, handmade dinosaur coloring books are the perfect party favor! What a great way to incorporate both the dinosaur theme and party colors. The “dinoculars” are a fantastic idea!

What kid doesn’t love going on an adventure and looking for treasure with binoculars?! They are simple to make and a great treat for kids to use! Plus, a treasure hunt using this dinoculars could be an excellent way to run off some sugar and find party favors all at once! 🙂


Food Ideas {Dinosaur Friendly!}

Treats at this party are very simple! Guests enjoyed little baggies of “Dino Chow” which included pretzels, chocolate covered raisins, peanut butter chips and a gummy worm.

I think the custom label she made for each bag matches perfectly to the invitations and other items. The dinosaur tracks are great! The cake is simple, yet festive. A plain, white, smash sized cake sits on the top of the platter.

{Check out more great dinosaur themed birthday cakes!} Underneath, guests are able to pick from cupcakes. The cupcake frosting is the perfect shade of green to match the other party items. She also used little candies to look like rocks and handmade dinosaurs signs on top. The fondant dinosaur on top of the small cake is the perfect shade and I love the expression on his face!

Her cake treats are a simple way to continue the theme without going overboard.   If you’re digging this great party, you’ll love the other ideas in these great dinosaur themed party:  


Theme: Dinosaur Birthday Party.

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