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10 Party Themes for Boys We Love

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Are you making the most of summer? I hope you’re having wonderful times. Sunshine and good weather make it even easier to invite family and friends over to celebrate happy birthdays, so take advantage of the blue skies. Set up an outdoor dessert buffet, light the candles on the birthday cake and sing real loud! But first—check out theme inspiration ideas in these super parties from around the neighborhood this week: modern camping; beach fun; Legos; police; Angry Birds; construction; ninjas; world traveler; Toy Story cowboys; and a first garden.

10 Boy Birthday Party Themes We Love

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Boy's Surfer Boy Beach Birthday

1. From Invento Vesta via Hostess With the Mostess: Surfer Boy Beach Birthday Party – Summer brights paired with black and white chevron capture attention right away; interesting details will keep you looking. In addition to a great cake, watch for smile-inducing cupcakes, a fondant sand castle, and octopus and shark fin topped candies.

Boy's Modern Camping Birthday Party
2. From Jo Studio via The Little Big Company: Boy’s Modern Camping Birthday Party – A rustic theme and contemporary detailing create a visual treat; there’s much more to see that doesn’t show in this initial shot. Notice the dapper deer with a bowtie, top hat and spectacles!

Boy's Lego Themed Birthday Party
3. From Partyummy via Creative Party Place: Boy’s Lego Themed Birthday Party – How awesome are those human-sized Lego heads?! Clever invitations and themed shaped desserts are great but the cake takes the cake. The number 4 that is “built” with Legos is super!

Boy's Construction Themed Birthday Party

4. From May Details via Kara’s Party Ideas: Boy’s Construction Themed Birthday Party – This rendition of a boy-favorite theme is charming. Notice the “caution tape” around the birthday guy’s name. There is excellent use of the space with the balloons tying the wall décor and dessert table together.

Mauricio's Lego Police Birthday Party
5. From Partylicious: Mauricio’s Lego Police Birthday Party – Here’s a novel combo theme that is sure to be popular! Carol continues to impress with color and imagination. Invitations, favors and the kids’ table all perfectly coordinate with the great dessert table.

Boy's Angry Birdday Party
6. From Postreadiccion via Hostess With the Mostess: A Boy’s Angry Birdday – All sorts of the colorful iconic characters make an appearance here, but my favorite is the comical collection of pig cookies. Cute cake pops and cupcakes stand in for birthday cake.


Boy's World Traveler First Birthday Party

7. From Maria Healey Photography via Spaceships and Laser Beams:  Boy’s World Traveler First Birthday – Where would you go if you had a passport to anywhere and anything in the world? The darling décor at this celebration establishes the sky is the limit!

Toy Story Inspired Joint Birthday Party
8. From Memories are Sweet via Spaceships and Laser Beams: A Toy Story Inspired Joint Birthday Celebration – Yee-haw this is a sweet party! Woody and Jessie give this party friendly cowboy flair in the most stylish way.

Garden Themed Boy's 1st Birthday Party Ideas
9. From Festa Com Gosto via Spaceships and Laser Beams: Boy’s Garden Themed First Birthday Party – Have you heard the quote, “Life began in a garden”? The party began there, too! Saturated colors in a beautiful outdoor venue set the tone for a marvelous first birthday celebration. Charming details invite lingering.

Boy's American Ninja Birthday Party
10. From Swish Printables via Spaceships and Laser Beams: American Ninja Warrior Birthday Party – Bright red pairs well with the attractive black and white graphics in this boy’s birthday party. It not only looks good; there are fun activities to engage energetic warriors.


  • RAINBOW FISH :: Here’s an easy project for kidlets that seems just right for summer.
  • WATER GAMES :: These simple game ideas were new to me; looks like kids would have fun.
  • CARDBOARD ART :: There’s almost always free cardboard around. Here are several art options to inspire creativity.

What’s your favorite boy birthday party idea this week?

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Party Central

10 Party Themes for Boys We Love

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This roundup of colorful boy birthday parties and decorations is sure to help you forget the lingering winter. Dr. Seuss, a little lumberjack, minions and monsters, racecars and helicopters, turtles and ninjas and a lovely lullaby will keep you oohing and ahhing as you take a look around the neighborhood!

Boy Birthday Party Ideas

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Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Ideas

1. From Crissy’s Crafts: Dr. Seuss Birthday Party – This event was commemorating Dr. Seuss, but if you’re enamored with his brand of childhood whimsy and political commentary, you’ll find lots of colorful ideas for your own boy’s birthday party.

Little Lumberjack First Birthday Party

2. From Laurie Bracewell Photography via Pretty My Party: Little Lumberjack 1st Birthday Party – What a handsome party! I love the wonderful details throughout the entire gathering. The most amusing? Either the cider in whiskey flasks or the smash cake that looks like that lumberjack favorite, a stack of flap jacks!

Minion Birthday Party Idea

3. From Adelphi Mou via Kara’s Party Ideas: Minions Themed Birthday Party – Who couldn’t use a few minions of their own?! This group brought nice color and quirky, fun ideas.

Monster Birthday Party Idea

4. From Karo’s Funland via Mimi’s Dollhouse: Monster Birthday Bash – Find adorable fun with google eyes galore and great splashes of color in this visually exciting fourth birthday celebration. Simple paper lanterns have been transformed into little hanging monsters with silly grins and even the food is looking back at you!

Teenage Mutant Birthday Party Idea

5. From Life with Lulu and Junebug via Creative Party Place: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — Even though turtles have a reputation for moving slowly, these teenage versions sure seem to get around! Here’s another colorful version of this long popular theme.

Cookie Monster Birthday Party

6. From Lauren Haddox Designs via Kara’s Party Ideas: Cookie Monster Themed 2nd Birthday – Lauren scores again with another darling little guy party! She always manages to come up with boy-handsome ideas and this simply sweet idea doesn’t disappoint.


Unique Baby Shower Ideas

7. From GreyGrey Designs via Spaceships and Laser Beams: Lullaby and Good Night – Burlap and lace is an awesome combo for a lovely boy baby shower. But it would also make a beautiful, vintage first birthday party theme as well. 

Vintage Race Car Birthday Party Idea

8. From Kiss Me Kate via Spaceships and Laser Beams: Vintage Racecar Party – This car party not only thrills the boys, moms like it too! Yolanda used all sorts of interesting details to construct a table racing to birthday happiness.

Helicopter Themed Birthday Party

9. From A Party Studio via Spaceships and Laser Beams: Helicopter Flying High Party – This helicopter party is a fun take on the flying machine parties that thrill little guys. Turquoise and red really pop against the white clouds at this breakfast time party.

Boy's Lego Ninjago Birthday Party

10. From SimplyIced via Spaceships and Laser Beams: Lego Ninjago Party – Boys build memories and Lego heroes with this party full of color. Lego themed celebrations seem to be the fantasy of a wide age range of boys.


  • SELF PORTRAIT :: This is a great idea to help kids get started on an art project—often the most difficult step.
  • FAMILY MAIL BOXES :: Actually, they’re envelopes, but what a great idea for notes of appreciation and fun handwriting practice.
  • SEND HUGS :: Cute art activity that can be mailed to a distant loved one.

What boy’s birthday party theme do you love most this week?

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