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How to Make Mustache Cake Pops

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Hi guys! It’s Samantha from Sweet Eats Cakes. I recently told you how to plan a little man party or shower. This tutorial shows you how to make mustache cake pops. Who doesn’t love a mustache cake pop? I know that I pretty much think any mustache décor is super cute right now especially for little boys.

How to Make Mustache Cake Pops

So first you will need some cake and icing. I typically use my cake scraps from cakes and left over icing to make my cake pops and then no cake goes to waste.

How to make mustache cake pops

So crumble up your cake and add a dollop of icing to the cake crumbs. Don’t add to much icing or the mixture will be too moist and not want to hold the ball shape. Only use enough icing to make the mixture hold it shape. Mix the crumbs and icing together.

Next take a melon baller and use it to form your balls. I use this so that all of my pops are the same size. If you don’t have one just eyeball the size of each pop and try to make them all the same. Place cake balls on a cookie sheet and pop in the freezer.

How to Make Mustache Cake Pops

While the cake pops chill you can prepare the mustaches for the pops. I dipped all my pops in milk chocolate and then made the mustaches in dark chocolate so you would be able to see them however, you can do whatever you like. Melt your dark chocolate in the microwave in 30-second increments until smooth. Pour chocolate into mustache mold and place in freezer to set. I found the mustache ice mold at a gift shop however you should be able to find a mustache mold at your local craft store.

Once you have your mustaches in the freezer then you can move on to melting the chocolate for the pops. Melt the chocolate in the same manner as before until smooth. Remove your cake balls from the freezer to dip. (Please note you don’t want to leave your cake balls in the freezer too long just until firm).

How to Make Mustache Cake Pops

Place a lollipop stick into the chocolate and then directly into the pop going ¾ of the way into the pop. Once you have attached the stick to the cake pop you can move directly to dipping the entire cake pop into the chocolate. Allow the chocolate to drip off of the pop before turning upright. You may want to tap the pop to remove excess chocolate.

Once all of your pops have been dipped you can remove your mustaches from the freezer to attach to the pops. Use care when releasing the mustaches from the molds so that they don’t break. If you break one you can always “glue” it back together with chocolate. Once you have all of your mustaches removed place a dab of chocolate on a cake pop and place the mustache on top of that. You may need to hold the mustache or prop up the pop for a bit while the chocolate dries hard. Once the chocolate has dried your mustache cake pops are complete. Enjoy!

How to Make Mustache Cake Pops

So there you have it the best way to make your cake pops. These mustache cake pops were a huge hit at the party and everyone enjoyed acting like they had mustaches before consuming their pop. Hope you enjoyed that party and don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest for more great ideas.

How to Make Mustache Cake Pops

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