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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of sugru.

With a house full of boys, it’s inevitable that something will get broken — on a fairly regular basis. Despite my very best efforts, the kids are rough on things and most items just aren’t made to last anymore. So far this week, we’ve lost several toys plus an iPhone cord to their abuse. And it’s only Wednesday.


I was quite intrigued when I heard about sugru. It’s a self-setting rubber that contains silicone. It quickly sets overnight and you’re able to fix, modify or repair items easily with it’s help. I love the company’s story. Their do-it-yourself gumption is thrilling to me. Plus, they offer such a valuable and practical product that it’s easy to wonder how you lived without it for so long. I also love that they’re offering a 25% off coupon on your order now through April 8 by clicking here and using the code sugrumoms25 at checkout. 

Seeing just a few of the suggestions on the sugru website had me excited. I immediately could think of a half dozen toys with broken arms or legs that could use a little surgery help from sugru. I know I’ll save money by using it since it will help extend the life of the boys’ toy collection. 




When I mentioned to Jorryn that it could be used to repair broken items… or to help his Lego buildings… he was over the moon. Legos are the way to his heart and anything that can make building better is a win. After watching the sugru Lego video on their website, he wanted to try make some Lego pencil characters. I was all for it! 

diy lego pencil with sugru

diy lego pencil with sugru

I loved that Jorryn was excited to try something new. He also told me afterwards that home work was much easier with help from his storm trooper friend. 😉 We just used a small dab of sugru, rolled into a ball and then put it on a pencil. We stuck a little Lego piece onto the pencil and let it harden overnight. In the morning. he selected a storm trooper mask to put on and set off to do his school work. 

One lucky reader will win a Sugru Craft Bundle including:

  • 1 pack of sugru 8 x 5g in multi color
  • 1 pack of sugru 3 x 5 g in white
  • 1 magnet kit

Just use the easy Rafflecopter form below to get your entries in.

Giveaway is live until Friday, April 7 at Noon PST.

Good Luck! 

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of sugru.

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