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15 Free Printable Letters from Santa Templates

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Children around the world send countless letters to Santa each year. Imagine their surprise when they receive a letter from Santa this season! Magical and motivating, we’ve rounded up 15 printable letters from Santa that you can send to a special child.

Whether you want an “official” letter from the North Pole or one sent from Santa’s desk (or workshop), you can probably find what you are looking for here. There are even “naughty list” notices and warning letters for kids who may need a little…encouragement…to try harder. And for those good girls and boys on the “nice list”, there are darling printable Santa “certificates of niceness” to reward positive behavior.

Free Letters to Santa

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Printable From the Desk of Santa

1. Free Printable “From the Desk of Santa Claus” Letter with Coordinating Printable Envelope :: Lia Griffith

Kids will be excited to receive a personalized letter “from the desk of Santa Claus” himself.

Fee Official Letter From Santa

2. Free Printable Official Letter from the North Pole :: Frosted Events

Send special children an official letter from the North Pole to brighten their spirits! This letter even has Santa’s signature at the end.

Free Printable Naughty List

3. Free Printable Naughty List Warning Letter from Santa :: Jacqui Writes

Send a reminder to a child who has been “naughty” that Santa and his elves are always watching! This naughty list warning letter may help them to change their ways.

Free Printable Santa Workshop


4. Free Printable “Santa’s Workshop” Letter :: The Shady Lane

Add a little magic to the Christmas season with a free printable letter from Santa and his elves. Just choose from one of the designs and print.

Free Printable Letter to Santa

5. Santa Mail :: Mr. Printables

Use this printable writing paper and envelope to pen a personalized letter from Santa.

Free Santa Letter

6. Printable Santa Certificate of Niceness :: Hallmark

Surprise your nice little ones with a special envelope containing this printable Santa certificate of niceness. It may just be the thing to encourage them to continue their good behavior all year long!

Free Printable Santa Letter

7. Free Printable Santa’s Beard Letter :: Free Fun Christmas

Is there anyone’s beard more recognizable than Santa’s? This printable version  provides spots for handwritten personalization along with a pre-formatted printed dialogue.

Free Printable Santa Letter

8. Free Printable Santa Warning Letter :: Ashley Nicholson, as seen on Pinterest

Have a child or two in need of some reprimanding from Santa? This letter may just do the trick!

Free Printable Letter to Santa

9. Free Printable “From Santa’s Desk” Notice :: Love Laughter Forever After

Santa can check off whether your child has been naughty or nice with this free printable notice straight from his desk! Plus, record the witnessed behavior and who it was witnessed by to make things official.

Free Printable Official Santa Letter

10. Official Nice List Notice :: Tip Junkie

Santa can send this official nice list notice with your family elf. Just fill out your elf’s name and mark the appropriate reasons for being chosen for the nice list.

Free Printable Santa Letter

11. Baby’s First Christmas Letter from Santa :: Top Santa Letters

Memorialize your baby’s first Christmas with this custom letter from Santa.

Free Printable Santa Letter

12. DIY Santa Letter :: Beyond the Woodland, as seen on Etsy

Use editable text boxes or your own handwriting for a DIY Santa letter that uses printable Santa Claus Stationery, available in white or classic off-white.

Free Printable Santa Letter

13. Free Printable Letter From (and to) Santa :: SOHO Sonnet

Print this free letter from Santa to remind any child to be good because Santa is coming … soon!

Free Printable Santa Letter

14. Printable Letter from Santa Kit with Envelope :: My Party Design, as seen on Etsy

Your child will be so excited to get an official letter from Santa this Christmas.  This kit includes a printable letter from Santa, envelope template and address labels.

Free Printable Santa Letter

15. Official Letter from the North Pole :: Pear Tree

Make your Santa letter look even more official with a North Pole postmark. Here’s how.

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Plus, check out 20 Free Printable Letters to Santa Templates

Free Printable Letters To Santa


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