Airplane Sugar Cookies

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[Over the next several weeks, we're going to be introducing you to several guest bloggers. Please welcome Martina of Mar-Valicious Bites, who will be blogging about themed cookies for parties each month.]

Nothing's more boyish than blue airplane vanilla sugar cookies to zoom past & around at your Little Pilot's Party! These cute "Blue Aeroplane" vanilla sugar cookies were made, when I was approached by a young mum stating that her 5 year old son LOVES aeroplanes! She said to me, that she would love to suprise her son and his friends with aeroplane cookies for his son's 5th birthday! They were made to be handed out to all his friends in his class at pre-school, which was a great alternative for a cake! All kid's were happy to have their own special treat! These airy aeroplane cookies were decorated using bright blue fondant and piped details in black royal icing.

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Vintage Air Racer Plane 2nd Birthday Party

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Our Vintage Plane Collection is one of our most popular themes for boy's first birthday parties. Actually, it's one of our most popular boy's birthday party themes overall. So any opportunity I have to feature a gorgeous plane themed birthday party, I jump on it. [See more plane themed parties and desert tables.] Today's feature is a vintage air racer party -- a version of the plane theme that we have never featured before and I love that.

This party was thrown by Danni of The Little Soiree to celebrate her son's second birthday party. I am absolutely loving how much detail she and her fabulous vendors put into this party. (Aren't those sugar cookies absolutely gorgeous!?!) You can check out even more photos and details in Danni's original post -- and we have tons more photos after the jump.


Plane Themed Boy's First Birthday Party

Plane Themed Birthday Party + Dessert Table

Airplane Dessert Table

Vintage Plane Birthday Dessert Table

Flying into Summer Party on a Budget

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Vintage Air Transportation Birthday Party

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We're on a bit of a vintage plane theme kick today, having already featured a vintage air racer plane themed birthday party as well as some cute plane cookies. (More plane themed birthday parties.) So this party was a natural fit to finish off the day. This Vintage Air Transportation Party -- complete with hot air balloons and airplanes -- was planned by Keren Percel of Keren Percel Events for her own son's second birthday.

Says Keren, "The custom designed vintage like backdrop and the use of wood and metal props gave the table a vintage vibe. Elements such as airplanes, birds and hot air balloons were brought in to tie together the air theme. Sweet treats on the dessert table included chocolate airplane pops {our favorite!), plane sugar cookies, cupcakes with ribbon flags, cloudy marshmallows, meringue kisses, and chocolate mousse. Guests took home a plane kit and a personal chocolate bar."



Handmade Vintage Plane Party

Vintage Airplane Dessert Table

Vintage Plane Birthday Party Dessert Table

Vintage Car Party on a Budget

Vintage Race Car Dessert Table

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Race Car Themed 4th Birthday Party

| By Stephanie Keeping | Party Central Comments

Cars, boys and parties are pretty much the perfect combination, aren't they? And you can't get any more boy that this race car themed 4th birthday party. Carol from Partylicious threw for her own son's fourth birthday. [Check out more race car themed boy's birthday party ideas.] The checkered table cloth and classic color palette look great with the pops of bright colors.

Since becoming a party planner, Carol says that everyone expects her to throw amazing parties for her little boy. I'm pretty sure that she didn't disappoint and of her guests. About the race car party theme and decorations, Carol says "He is obsessed with cars. Not the movie, not NASCAR, but top of the line, exotic cars which he calls "race cars"! He literally can name any brand of vehicle there is, even I can't believe it sometimes. So since he loves his Hot Wheels, I envisioned a "race car" themed party featuring only one type of car -- a Porsche, along with my favorite color combo and chevron patterns."


Race Car Birthday Party

Race Car Birthday Dessert Table

Race Car Party on a Budget

Orange and Turquoise Race Car Party

Vintage Racing Party

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Valentine's Party for Boys

| By Courtney | Party Central Comments

[Throughout the next few weeks, we'll be introducing you to a number of fabulous guest bloggers. Please welcome Courtney Miller, operator of Buttercream Bling Cupcake Boutique and Picture Perfect Party Designs.]

Have you checked out Lauren McKinsey’s page yet? She is a super talented designer and a fellow mom of boys, so naturally I adore her, and her work is so stinking cute. When I saw her “Lil Heartbreaker” line of printables I jumped on the opportunity to style a shoot using them. I loved the idea of a little boy being a Heartbreaker, and I knew the perfect model for the shoot, my almost 3 year old son. He did a fabulous job and we even got an admirer (Erica’s daughter) to pose with him for a few shots. They we perfect together. I think this set up turned out super cute! For less than $20 we were able to make enough party supplies and treats for 5-10 guests of honor. Vendor credits at the end of the post.

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30 Robot Birthday Parties You Will Love

| By Stephanie Keeping | Party Central Comments

This could be the most insane blog post I have ever done. Actually, I know it is. From robot dessert tables to robot favors to robot cakes and cupcakes, it's a round-up of 30 of some of the best robot party ideas and supplies online. Sit back, grab some robot fuel and enjoy. 


I would love to attend a party where popcorn was available in these robot popcorn bags. This heightened level of adorable was served up by Melbourne Epicure.


Speaking of robot cakes, this one from Ciao Annie is beyond awesome. Created for her son's first birthday party, it has real working lights. 'Nuff said.


These DIY robot favors have to be some of the best I've seen for a robot party. Little Bit Funky made them out of a slinky, box tick tacs, chocolates and crayons for her son's third birthday party. 


This robot party was a labor of love for Etincelle Creative Studio. From the dessert table to the handmade favors her client was thrilled with the results.



Domestic Charm threw this robot party to celebrate her son's fourth birthday. The themed activities were fun for kids and parents alike -- including the DIY robot bodies for the kids and adults to dress up in.


I cannot get enough of the robot cookie pops that were part of this robot themed party Ma' Cake and by featured on Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas.

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Vintage Train Boy's Birthday Party [Boy Bash]

| By Stephanie Keeping | Boy Bash on a Budget Challenge Comments

I cannot believe that this is the last Boy Bash on a Budget Challenge feature for a while. (We'll start it up again later in the year because it's too much fun not to continue. Just taking a break while we try and add some cool, new features to the site.) For about 10 months now (!!!) every Tuesday we have been featuring a dessert table or tablescape (and sometimes even full parties) that have been done on a mega tight budget. Over 30 different but equally fabulous women have taken up the challenge. I couldn't have imagined how cool this little project would be when I first mentioned it on Facebook. I was honestly just hoping to get enough interest to do five posts. LOL

I'm loving today's submission. It's a vintage train party created by Ginessa from the blog A Piece of the Pikes. She threw it as a joint party for her two boys. I love that she brought the boys' train table into the decor. What little boy could resist? [More vintage train birthday party ideas.] We have Ginessa's total party budget at the end of the post.

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Alligator Birthday Party Supplies

| By Stephanie Keeping | Party Supplies Comments

We're busy taking photos of a brand new color palette for our Bayou Bash birthday party collection, which was designed by Andrew. This one has a lot of greens and blues. The other version has is a mix of browns and oranges. [For more, you can see the Bayou Bash party paperie and a dessert table I did.] 

One of my goals this year is to share more of our own work. With more than 500 different party supplies in our Etsy shop, it shouldn't be hard. The new color way was designed because we had so many customers asking us for a more traditional color palette -- it's used for reptile birthday parties and alligator themed birthdays as well. Every piece from the collection has been updated including the invite and alligator cupcake wrappers. The favor tags, napkin rings and swamp water bottle labels are below.


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Mardi Gras Boy's First Birthday Party

| By Stephanie Keeping | Party Central Comments

I've mentioned before that I am throwing a bayou themed birthday party this year. So right now I am obsessed with learning about everything that is Mardi Gras or bayou related. When Keren of  Keren Precel Events sent me this Mardi Gras themed boy's first birthday party, I was thrilled to see just how beautiful it was. (See the simple ribbon ceiling decoration from this party.)

I was also thrilled to see how elegant the food looked. Although the party was for a one year old -- as is the case with a lot for first birthday parties -- most of the guests were adults. Keren worked with FreshMade NYC, a a catering company that also has a cooking school for kids. FreshMade NYC developed a menu that would please young and old guests alike. And we have the fabulous menu at the end of the post.

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How to Improve Your Photos for Under $10

| By Stephanie Keeping | Party Crafts and DIY Comments

There are a few questions I get asked regularly -- and How do I get noticed on Etsy? as well as How can I take better photos? are two of them. Certainly, the answer to the first question is complex but, at the end of the day, it usually boils down to one simple answer "take better photos." And that always leads to the second question.  

With more than 500 products in our Etsy shop, I'm not going to lie, photography is a constant struggle -- both to keep up with new products as well as go back and tweak old photos. Mike (my husband and personal photographer) and I shudder when we look at the first photo shoots we did together. But we're not afraid of trial and error. As a result, we've developed a few things that really work for us along the way. Some of the things we have done have been quite expensive, such as investing in a camera, backdrop, reflectors and lighting. But I wanted to share a photography tip that has cost us less than $10. It's the whitebox that Mike built. It can be used for product shots as well as taking photos of cakes, cookies, props, etc.

Here's what you need:

  • Three pieces of 3ft x 2ft foam core
  • Utility knife to cut one piece of foam core in half for sides of box
  • 1 piece of poster board
  • Masking tape to construct the box (see below)
  • Low tack painter's tape to adhere 

Now the cool thing about the poster board is that you can switch it the white for any color - including a pretty wallpaper. Using the painter's tape ensures that you don't rip the foam core. 

What does a whitebox do? It reflects light evenly, which eliminates shadows. We put it in front of our large window (with the opening facing the window) to take advantage of natural light. When Mike's taking photos, he adjusts the flash so that it is bouncing off our white ceiling.

Hope this helps!

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