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Camping Themed First Birthday Party!

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Today's fabulous boy's birthday party is full of tons of great ideas. It's a camping themed first birthday party that Jennifer of Jennifer Stafford Events threw for her son. It's so hard to choose a theme for a first birthday (and even a second) as their interests change so rapidly. So Jennifer had the excellent idea of making the theme relevant to her family. She wanted to do it outdoors and went with a camping theme, as dad is an avid outdoorsman. Check out the party as captured by Andrea Gurniak Photography!

Here's more about the party in Jennifer's own words:
To set the stage for 'Camp Caleb' we set up a few of our tents for the kids to play with in the yard, and my husband built some little A-frame tents for decor ; one of them ended up being great place for the guests to place their gifts. I picked up some bright colored flowers from Costco and arranged them in mason jars for the guest tables, and used some of the printable signs to add to them.
I had fun picking up wooden signs & the 'Caleb' letters from Michaels and painting them (end of summer sale on these, yay!) The camo painted letters blended right into the bushes behind the food tables. The 'Camp Caleb' sign was strung across a tri-fold backdrop covered in camo wrapping paper.
Since we had so many 'junior campers' in attendance, I wanted there to be lots of activities for them. We have a wooden playhouse in the yard so that was great, but they also had a chance to play in the tents we set up. There was a little station just for them, with bubbles and scavenger hunts for them to do. I also set up a 'fishing hole' for them, using a baby pool, and some cut logs for seating around it. The fish were cut out of foam, with a paper clip attached to them, and the fishing rods were wooden dowels with yarn & magnets glued to the ends.
We kept the food simple and just did burgers & salads, and for snacks I put together a 'make your own trail mix bar'. The trail mix bar had great options like teddy grahams, goldfish crackers, m&m's, pretzels, popcorn, peanuts, and raisins.I used cut paper bags in half and stamped them with a 'C' for the trail mix bar bags.
I also found cute camo print napkins & plates from the local dollar store. There was old fashioned lemonade, and paper straws with cute straw flags. For dessert I made chocolate cupcakes in camo paper liners, and S'mores pops (in styrofoam stands I covered in old road maps).
For Caleb's cake I made a vanilla cake in the shape of an A frame tent; my husband actually helped me carve this one (secretly thinks he loves to help), otherwise I think I would have run out of time to do a cake at all. And we used some of Caleb's 'camping theme' cake smash pictures to adorn the dessert tables.
For a party favor, the kids all took home a 'make your own s'mores kit', complete with a graham cracker, milk chocolate, and a jumbo marshmallow. After the little man went to bed we got the bonfire going with our friends, to relax & have our own big kid campout, with lots of 'red solo cups' :)
The tables & chairs were rented from And PrintMagic on etsy is where I purchased the printables from.

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