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Construction Birthday Party Dessert Table

| By Stephanie Keeping Google+Comments

When we started Spaceships and Laser Beams in September 2010, we launched with four original collections. Nicole's Construction Crew Collection was one of them. And we quickly found out one simple fact: boys love construction trucks and they love having construction themed birthday parties. It's consistently been one of our best sellers. I wanted to refresh the promotional photos we had for the collection, so we created this dessert table. Simple and inexpensive construction-themed decor included a plywood backdrop ($7), duct tape vessels, and shovels as a play on the Asian spoon trend. Cutting a chunk out of the birthday cake from Goodness Bakeshop, also cost nothing but had high impact. I was also thrilled to partner with Edible Details on this table. They supplied the super cute cement truck fondant cake topper as well as the edible cupcake toppers.  (I had such a great experience, I hired them to do cupcake toppers for a party I am throwing!)

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