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New - Vintage Fishing Party - Dessert Table

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Last weekend was my son Sam's second birthday and I'm thrilled to be able to share another piece of my family life on this blog. One of the things with a two year old is that their favorites are always changing. One week it's monkeys, the next it's Elmo and the week after that it's dump trucks. So I wanted to pick a theme that was special to our family. Fishing was an easy choice. Although I don't live there now, I've mentioned before that I am originally (and quite proudly) from Newfoundland, which is a province in Canada that has an economy and culture that was built around fishing. In addition, my husband is a fly fishing instructor. Since we couldn't be in Newfoundland for my son's second birthday (we were there for his first), I wanted to bring a little of my home to him.

Check out Mike's photos of the dessert table featuring Janelle's amazing printable design (that girl is so talented) and Catherine's baked goods.

The whole look needed to be smart but unfussy - just like Newfoundlanders. And I wanted lots of texture and pattern to reflect the natural and built landscape of the island.

The dessert menu included orange basil cake, blueberry shortcake, chocolate peanut butter cupcakes, mint chocolate chip cupcakes, orange mousse boats with a chocolate chip sail, chocolate chip cookies, watermelon "fish pops" and cantaloupe sticks. I like to have a fresh fruit options, especially when with a kid's party. 

Of course, no party at my house would be complete without Catherine's now famous orange basil cake. I love how she created subtle waves in the icing so that the boat shaped cupcake wrapper fit perfectly on top.

We originally designed these fish cupcake wrappers to incorporate a tiny fishing rod. I'm still planning to show an example of this. However, I loved Janelle's illustrations on the 2" circle decals so much, I wanted to feature them on the cupcakes as well.

If you follow us on Facebook, you know that I left everything for this party till the last minute. So I am thrilled just to be able to show these pictures!

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