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[Inspiration] DIY Robot Birthday

| By Stephanie Keeping Google+

I first heard of Spain's Pistacho Fiestas when I saw a party of their's on the fabulous party website, Kara's Party Ideas. I started looking through the owner, Maria's, blog and loved what I saw. I'm going to feature a couple parties from this company in the next little while but first up is a robot party created by Maria. I love all the DIY details but particularly these tin can robots and the lovely emerald green and silver/grey color palette. As we decide on the dessert table set-up we'll be using to promote Jodene's new robot collection, it's a lovely reminder of how restraining your color palette will tie even the simplest party together in the most chic way.  

These guys are hilarious:

Here's those awesome DIY robots again.

I love how Maria dressed up simple paper napkins.

And the way the disposable tin containers become robot worthy serving dishes.

Please be sure pay a visit to Maria's original blog post for more.

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