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[Love This!] Robot Cakes. Yes, Please.

| By Stephanie Keeping Google+Comments

Jodene has created a new robot themed birthday collection that we're soon going to list in the Spaceships and Laser Beams Etsy Shop. So that has us sourcing things we might use for the product photo shoot. I came across these robot cake stands and I love them as much for their handmade quality as I do for their total robot awesomeness. I can't imagine any little (or big!) boy not going completely nuts over them.

They're by former Etsy seller, Autumn Kimball. They look really familiar and I believe I saw somewhere that they were made for a birthday in honor of her quadruplets (all boys!). I'm going to try and hunt down the party and see if we can feature it here. Because any woman who can wrangle a house with four boys of the same age is a true inspiration!

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