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[Inspiration] Good Knight

| By Stephanie Keeping Google+

Usually I start our daily boy party inspiration posts with an establishing shot of the party or dessert table. But I cannot get past these absolutely adorable drink boxes. Using straws as swords!?! Genius! They're part of a super thoughtful party by Estela of Brazil's Caraminholando. I first saw Estela's work on the Amy Atlas Events blog, Sweet Designs. And when I saw this party on Estela's site, I knew I had to ask her if we could feature it on our blog. Thankfully for me she said yes.

I'm not usually into the whole knight/prince thing but I can't get enough of this party. The details are perfect, right down to the swords on the front of the dessert table. And I can just imagine any little boy going nuts over the DRAGON, the CASTLE and the OTHER DRAGON. 

Love the Sir Leo and 4 Anos cupcake toppers, they fit perfectly with the theme.

Additional photos of Estela's great work can be found on Caraminholando.

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