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[Inspiration] Choo-Choo!

| By Stephanie Keeping Google+

Since we've got a vintage train party in the works (designed by the fab Janelle of Hello Dear) as a custom job for a customer, I've got trains on the brain. And so does my son, Sam. It's plastic, it's ugly and it plays "I've Been Working on the Railroad". Over and over and over again. I was tempted to hide it but considering how much he loved that thing I felt too guilty to actually go through with it.

Given the abundance of train themed parties in the blogosphere, it's easy to say that Sam is not the only little boy to be completely enamored with them. I like this one from Cake Ink. The cake is perfection, plain and simple. The colour palette is super sweet - and a different take than ours. It's so great to see how one theme can look so different.

Cake Inc.'s site has more photos -- including one of the birthday boy in his conductor's outfit -- check them out!

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